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The Many Uses for the Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season
Writing about your own product can come off sounding like you're pounding your own chest or possibly like a used car salesman, but in this case I think I have much to offer on a positive note that may be better said than hearing it from me. - Read Full Article

Blackbeard the Pirate
From ISLE's Sea Tales and Stories
  How the ISLE SeaLand Ocean Kits Educate
Over the years the ISLE SeaLand Deed kits have proven to be not just a
unique gift idea for the average shopper but for all those interested in our oceans, environment and oceanography careers
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Acre corporate Gift Certificate kit
advance holiday christmas shopping ideas from
Advance Holiday Gift Shopping Article
Don't Come Down with PSSD!
Don't want to get caught with egg on your face come holiday gift giving time, there's something to be said for buying in advance, or at least making a list ahead of time to refer to.
Read Full Holiday Advanced Shopping Article >
  Professional Gift Buyers who get Paid to Shop
Persoanl Gift Shoppers find a Gold Mine in SeaLands Pacific Ocean Dead Kits for their clients. Finding just that right gift for that special someone is hard enough as it is, but what if you're a Professional who gets paid to shop?
Read Gift Buying Article >
professional gift buyers and shoppers who get paid to shop from     Unique Personalized Executive Gift Ideas Article
Finding that hard to find personalized gift for that hard to buy for exeuctive or boss -Read Executive Gifts Article
  Unique Gift Giving Callout Contest Query
from ISLE Founder / Captain Bob
Unique Advantages Pros of Unique Unusual Gift Giving
A Callout Query Intro Contets to my Readers from
Read the Article and Take the Contest for FREE Give-a-Way
haunted ghost ships famous stories and articles photo from
SeaLand's Haunted Sunken Ghost Ships
Haunted Ghost Ships from around the World
Famous Sea Tales and their Mysterious History
Read about ghostly stories of ships long since sunk that have been sighted by sailors and strange sightings at sea

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thanksgiving articles photos from
Thanksgiving Dinner - '
Homecooking or Laboratory Prepared?'

Some comments on the latest in the Genetically Engineered Salmon Controversy.
by Captain Bob

While everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving again this year already, one wonders what the shopping day's list will be in a few years from now. Now the government is deciding whether it’s safe for us to eat genetically engineered salmon
- More >
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endangered sharks shark cartillage from   'The Shark and I'
by Lori –

Being told from Dr. Lane's son directly that Shark Cartilage usually doesn't help cases of Melanoma came after I had tried it and actually watched the spot completely disappear . Dr. Lane is the Author of 'Shark's Don't Get Cancer' and 'Sharks Still Don't Get Cancer'. In his studies he has given very large doses of the Shark and has brought people back from their death beds. In my case I was taking minimal amounts and being greatly helped, to the point where Shark Cartilage is now one of my best friends...- More >
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day after thanksgiving busiest shopping day of the year from   Ocean's Away, Day After Thanksgiving Day
By Lori -

The day after Thanksgiving...the largest shopping day of the year may prove to be online this time. I don't think that any business this year 2008 was exempt from the affects of our limping economy. With the gas prices just now showing some sympathy on our pocket books I must say they are still a little “Johnny Come Lately”.... More>
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Marquis Who's Who in the World 2008 Silver Anniversary Edtion
Who's Who in the World 2008
Founder Bob Schott is inducted into
Who's Who in America's 60th Diamond Edition 2006, ' and 'Who's Who in The World' 2007 and 'Silver Anniversary' 2008!
happy holidays gift ideas from   Holiday and Christmas Shopping
By Lori -

Frustrating right? So many things to think of and so little time. I think of ways to lower the last minute stress and pressure so the release valve doesn't blow! Looking for common need items that are unique and unusual gifts may be the way when you are not so familiar with the person, such as printed calendars for their desk which shows them all year that you care. Gift giving is a terrific way to enjoy your name getting out there – but 'I don't have a company' you may say... More>
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